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Zara Haul: Stan Smith Dupe



Do you have these why’s and but’s before you end up buying a new pair of white sneakers? Me? I was 50% undecided and 50% im-gonna-buy-it-no-matter-what. Yeah, sure I’ve had some why’s, like why should I buy a white sneakers if I’m not 100% into it? Why would I trouble myself finding the right pair (branded, stylish, budget-friendly)…And of course but’s, I really want to try it out but I’m afraid it doesn’t suit me. I want to score myself a Stan Smith but the price isn’t right. Why…But…still I managed to get myself and even my other half; a branded, stylish, budget-friendly white sneakers!

For now, it doesn’t matter if it’s not that Adidas Stan Smith sneaker, everyone is raving about — I’m pretty glad I’ve found this perfect “dupe” from Zara. At least, there’s no pressure at all, I hope you get what I mean. It’s like, when you want to buy something asap and then your wallet isn’t cooperating with you…urgh! okay.

Today I’m wearing a plain white sneaker, ragged jeans, and basic t-shirt. Violà! I’m good to go.


On Hazel

Pull & Bear basic t-shirt/ragged jeans

On James

Esprit t-shirt

Levi’s straight jeans 

  • Lucija

    Hey – these sneakers look pretty cool and I think you pull them off effortlessly! :)
    I had a similar situation last year, but not with Stan Smith’s but with white Converse. I was searching eeeeverywhere for the white leather low All Stars and when I found them online, it took eons before I finally decided to buy them. 😀 But I love them now, actually I love them so much I clean them every time after I wear them. 😀 Tip: eraser works like magic on leather (and similar material)! 😀


    • Creativ Writr

      Thanks Lucija. Yeah, I’ve seen some nice white All stars online but here in Singapore the stocks/designs are quite limited. :( Anyway, I’ll keep that “tip” in mind. ?