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Makeup Workshop: Summer Beauty Glowout By BSOTG








Makeup Enthusiast. Yeah, that’s the right term to describe me as someone who buys and loves makeup. For this comeback blog post (wow! really??? insert *clapping hands emoji), I just want to update you guys on what’s happening in my life right now….Well, aside from taking care of Matheo and everything else in between; I managed to join a Makeup and Beauty Workshop that was organized by Beauty Squad On The Go (I found and followed them on Instagram). Hey! I’m really into this kind of activity, it’s so me. Actually, makeup thingy somehow got me like crazy. And since I’m so eager about “becoming a professional makeup artist” one day or in the near future…I believe involving myself to Makeup workshops would fuel the fire in my heart. More. Hahaha! I hope you get what I’m trying to say here. Okay, am I daydreaming?…But seriously, that’s the career I would love to pursue right now. It’s a desire that has been planted in my heart for years and I’m really grateful, thankful to Daddy God for his divine favor.

Oh! Sorry guys, I got a little carried away there. I almost forgot to tell you all the happenings during the workshop. Peace out!

Last April 14, 2018 (I had to check out my IG post for the exact date, haha!), Summer season, and what I had in mind was the fact that we were tortured by a freaking hot weather. And we (us girls) were suffering from different skin issues that caused many problems/troubles, e.g., My face is so oily!, I have so many dark spots on my face!, My makeup don’t last! and more! — It was a timely help when the organizer came up with a “Summer Beauty Glowout” theme. I was pretty sure that what they’re gonna share benefits us. Surprisingly, they didn’t disappoint and even exceeded our expectations. Parang nabitin pa nga ako! We learned a lot of skincare hacks and makeup tricks from their personal take. They also taught us how to apply the makeup correctly and since it was all about Glowing skin and makeup, they helped us achieve it effortlessly. Sad to say hindi ako nakapaglagay ng eye makeup during the workshop, meron kasi akong eye irritation at ayoko lang na lumala pa. Good thing, I was satisfied enough with my makeup look. No-make makeup look peg right?

Oh! I remember, there was this game portion that test us if we’re really listening to what they’re teaching/sharing us, sorry I forgot what’s the name of the game but we used our mobile phone to answer all their questions. I did enjoy the game and I won!!! Ang bilis ng kamay ko pumindot e!!! The workshop was held at Designer Blooms Cafe located at Molito Alabang, I think it’s a perfect place for this kind of event. The ambience is so good and calm. I remember the first time, me and my husband ate here, I fell in love with the ambience and atmosphere of this restaurant/café. Super liked ko din yung inorder namin na Champorado before, sa lahat ng kinain namin yung Champorado talaga tumatak sa isip ko. Hahaha!

If you’re interested about joining a Makeup Workshop or any Self Development Workshops, GO FOR IT GIRL, BESHIE, MAMA, basta para sa lahat ng mga kababaihan…having a “me time” is important. You’ll discover yourself more and aside sa nag-eenjoy ka, you’ll learn other stuffs as well. Don’t worry this kind of workshop, it’s not only for someone like me who’s dreaming to be a Makeup Artist. Every woman is welcome! See you there. *Wink

To know more about Beauty Squad On The Go and the beautiful MUAs of this squad, do check out their profile here: