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last night’s sunset

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Here in Creativ Writr, we believe everyone is born creative. Today, we have the pleasure to welcome our first #creatributor (creative contributor) Mana “Nash” Tabay. He’s my long-time friend from Kalibo, Aklan Philippines. Music has always been his passion. I’ve heard him sing before together with his band and I can still remember how stunned I was by his amazing voice. I know he’s not only a lead singer but he’s also a good composer/songwriter so for today’s #photoblog let me share you one of his talents. Few days ago, I asked him to write a poem regarding some set of photos I’ve sent him. Those photos were taken during our last day in Krabi, Thailand. — Here’s the poem for you to read…Enjoy!

Last Night’s Sunset
By Mana Tabay

The moment I have a glimpse on shadowy light
At the horizon of a vast and tan-colored skies
I now then asked how my future lies
As my foot sealed where my heart ties

Am I really in the midst to take a fall?
On this turquoise waters as I tilt on the edge forward
Am I gonna drown myself up when I finally decided to?
Or maybe this drowning is the fulfillment of what I am lacking to

As when I look into the waters it really draws me in
In this gracious waves of ocean I felt that I want to sink in
I’ve been in a quartz of dimension thinking of it all
When the paint brush of Heaven now soaks in a coal

Do I need to look and dig for my love treasure? 
Or I have taken it for granted the love is the one kept me more treasuring
I want to breathe and feel what I am breathing
Just like I want to sing what my heart kept on singing

Last night’s sunset you are closing to me
Embrace me with love I want to be free
I felt so crippled to pursue this reality
But my decision is final to lay down on my knee

Photos by James Cruz

Roxy dress, Factorie hippy floral garland


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