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Glossier Haul: Glossi-yay!



As I mentioned previously in one of my IG posts, “If there’s one reason I’d like to thank Instagram so much, it would be…the platform led me to discover awesome people, brands, communities and so on.” — I’ve discovered this beauty brand called Glossier from other IG accounts. The packaging itself, I don’t know but it has a special power to hypnotize someone. Do you agree with me?

I’ve read a lot of reviews, watched some videos related to Glossier products and from there I really got interested to try it out. Plus, the fact that the packaging is sooo cute…can’t help it…Finally, I decided to get their products. Hmm..wait a minute! How am I supposed to do that/get it? It isn’t available here in Singapore (yet) and they’re unable to ship the product internationally.

Good thing, I’ve found a way and I’m pretty sure it would be very helpful to you. Are you ready?

I got these Glossier products with the help of a boxer and I’m talking about this personal shopping service website called Shopandbox. I’ve used it for the first time and until now I’m still impressed with the kind of service they’re offering. It’s like making impossible things possible — Yay! now you know (insert wink emoji)

I might write a separate review/blog post about my Shopandbox shopping experience. But for now, here’s the complete list of the Glossier products I’ve decided to purchase.