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I’m feeling excited about our trip tomorrow! We are going to explore Krabi, Thailand. I’ve never been there before and it will be our first ever international vacation together as couples. We’ll be away for four days and when we come back to Singapore, for sure I’ll be sharing the entire trip, the adventures, mishaps and plenty of photos. Fret not! I’ll give some glimpse of what’s happening there through our social media accounts.

 Meanwhile, I’d like to share some pictures taken I think three months ago. As you can see my hair was quite a bit shorter than today. But I used to have a very short then I decided to stop cutting it and just let it grow for a change or should I say I just want to stop ruining it.

I chose to wear something casual since it was just an ordinary day. Well, an ordinary day turned extraordinary. I just realised that being casual (less about how I dress and style) makes a lot of difference. I can do what I want, I can breathe easily and most of all I’m just being myself. And to complete my look, I wore a watch from Swarovski, the design is elegant and easy to wear which was surprisingly complemented my casual outfit. When I bought it, I thought I could just wear it with some formal outfits and or if I’m going in a special occasion but this watch is very versatile. And for that reason, I’ve never regret buying this kind of thing, yes it may be that expensive but since I want to buy this as a gift for myself. Like what I’ve said in my Facebook account before, “Hard work pays off“.

Cache Cache basic t-shirt, Dorothy Perkins  flat shoes, H&M skinny jeans, Ted Baker shopping tote bag

Photos by James Cruz

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