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2016’s Best Makeup Products

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I went minimal when it comes to my makeup. When I bought Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint (Dark), I thought that was a wrong move because I usually get breakouts/pimples when using a liquid type of foundation. Well, Glossier clearly stated on their website that this Perfecting Skin Tint is “Lighter than Tinted Moisturizer”, so it’s not a foundation. And it has become my favourite makeup product for a “No makeup look”, an effortless look that I’ve always wanted.


I’m still using the blusher in my Naked Flushed Palette (Naked). If I want to make my skin glow in just a few minutes, BareMinerals Ready Color Boost (The Stolen Heart) does a great job. It’s already a combination of highlighter and blush — I really like how it gives me that natural luminous glow!


There are two products I’ve been loving at the moment, it’s NYX Micro Brow Pencil (Black) and Glossier Boy Brow (Brown). I haven’t tried the Anastasia Brow Wiz, but since NYX Micro Brow Pencil is the perfect dupe for that, I’ll just stick with it. To finish off my brows, Glossier Boy Brow never ceases to amaze me. It keep my brows in place, naturally and perfectly! — It’s irreplaceable.


If you’ve noticed I’m so lazy to put any eye makeup on, be it eyeshadow…eyeliner…mascara…I’d rather skip it than feel sorry. But when I feel the need to use something that will make my eyes look wide awake, I’ll just use Eyeko Lengthening Skinny Brush Mascara.


Glossier Generation G (Crush) is the bomb! They claimed it as a new kind of lip color that gives the look and finish of a stain, glides on easily and wears as comfortably as a balm. I coudn’t agree more with that. And to tell you frankly, I’m obsessed! I don’t know if it’s just me or what, I’ve owned about 10 lipsticks but never felt anything like that with any of it. Glossier GG + Balm Dotcom = Shut up and take my money!


Glossier Stretch Concealer is a new type of concealer with elastic micro waxes that move with your face instead of caking on top of it, and nourishing oils that give a dewy, glowing finish. Yes indeed! I’m enjoying every bit of it. It’s the only concealer that gives me the confidence to flaunt my actual skin. “Are you wearing a concealer?”, I’m like, “Saaaayyy Whaaat?”.

That’s all for my favourite makeup products of 2016. What’s yours?

*This is not a sponsored post.